Why this cycle-café and why am I writing this?

if you are on this site cycling at least interpels you, yet it is time consuming, expensive and perhaps not that easy to combine with a professional and family life. Motivation, organisation, perseverance are all put to the test and this 24/7.

As time is the most expensive commodity, and even more at my age, I want to share my experiences.

This blog should trace what I am doing/done in/for cycling and what it has cost me. You will find my experiences with material, food, business development, training,.. you name it,

I will try to be as transparent as possible and hopefully this will help the reader, if any, but also myself.

Being on a bike (for the moment about 10 hours a week) sometimes (understatement) makes you think in circles. Reading my own think path could shorten the process.

Enjoy the ride !

who am I

Quick profile

born in 1970

Living in Switzerland, Geneva region

targeting 10.000 km per year of cycling

want to know more?


I ride my own bikes, I found it more challenging to choose equip my own brand, up to now no regrets

Héritage of the Flandriens

I called my brand Heritage, as I want to go back to my youth, meagre sprout of my region’s past and present heroes, where cycling was not only business.Setting up my brand constructing my own bikes.

Cycles Héritage

my gear, other things I am using and what I think about them

Blogs and more

I do not receive things for free to test,

The gear that I use is described on the gear page or Blogs that I write about them.


Interesting links

Other websites or links that I find interesting


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